Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your school or ministry org will provide you with a link to our web application and a registration code. You go to the link, register, sign-in, and then set up your financial information and designate your school or ministry org as the recipient of your contributions. The whole process should take just a few minutes.
It is very easy to login to your account to see your current activity, or to make changes to your enrolled cards.
We have designed our application so that we do not ever handle or retain users’ credit card numbers, and we only retain basic personal data for customer service purposes. When the user signs up, they enter their card data directly into a third party system that has relationships with over 19,000 banks and financial institutions, and they enter their authorization credentials directly with their bank or card issuer.
It is very easy to login to your account and slide a single switch to pause the contributions. It can be re-started any time by just sliding the switch back on.
If your card is stolen from a retailer or a physical theft, your first call should be to the card issuer to alert them. At that point, no additional contributions would be able to be made through our application and you would want to enroll a replacement card.
If there is some problem with a contribution transaction, you can talk with our customer service people and we will do everything in our power to resolve it to your satisfaction. We have no interest in having strained relationships with the people who share our mission.
We are not tax professionals, and if you have specific questions, we recommend that you contact your accountant or attorney, or the organization you support. Having said that, we are just a mechanism for helping you to make planned, regular contributions to the school you designate. If the recipient of your donations is a 501c3, then it will be their responsibility to issue acknowledgments and receipts for the donations. We pass through the entire gross contribution, and the school pays ongoing service fees from that amount for our services. This happens simultaneously each month when we issue the check or payment to your designated organization.
The vendors, retailers, and card issuers are not aware of any detail regarding your contributions. As far as they are concerned, they just see a regular transaction, and that is reflected on your card statement. There is no impact to any reward or rebate programs that are associated with your card issuer.
You are the only person who will have any visibility into your purchase transactions, unless you specifically invite us to login to research a customer service issue for you. All your school will see is a report that you have given a particular amount for that period, so that they can issue a thank you note and a gift receipt.
We do not share your personal data with anyone. We do not sell data. We do not pass along email addresses. We do not communicate via email directly with users/supporters unless it is to address support issues. Mishandling or abusing these relationships would only jeopardize our mission.
Currently, we have the application set up to wait until $10.00 of round-up contributions accrue and then generate a giving transaction. The gift transaction will happen any time this hurdle is reached. It is then reset and starts accumulating round-up transactions to reach the hurdle again. This could happen several times a month.